Anjing Anjing Raksasa

Some dogs just don't understand that they are a bit too big to be chilling in the lap of luxury, and some of these dogs are massive! Hopefully you enjoy this post as much as I did making it!
Gonna need a bigger lap!
Sometimes, you can train your human just right.
Looks like everyone is happy!
Nice warm lap for a nice long nap.
He looks like he is about to fall asleep
Who's chair is that?
Lap dogs get big hugs!
Where did Grandpa go?
Half way up... but a full hug !
Looks like there is a battle for this chair
Humans are comfy to sit on
Bloodhounds can find things... he found a happy place to nap.
LOL... what a huge dog!
Amazed that big dog could even get up there with you!
WOW. That dog is massive!
Sometimes, you need 2 laps
If the little dogs get a lap, then so should you.
Grandma? Grandma? Are you under there?
Great Danes really love the lap!
Such a sweet looking dog.
Sometimes, you just make it work.

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